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What Kills Fleas On Dogs Instantly?

What Kills Fleas On Dogs Instantly?

What Kills Fleas On Dogs Instantly

Fleas are big torture for both pets and the owner. Many times the pet get fleas before you even get to know about it. In this case, you need to know what kills fleas on your dogs instantly. Some of the remedies are discussed below to help your pet get rid of the fleas immediately.

However, after using any remedy for the instant killing of the fleas, maintaining and keeping a check on your pet is of the same importance. Going to see a vet and getting medication is secondary treatment. First you need to reduce the itching and irritation from your pets. For that, you need to follow the following steps.

Steps How To Kill Fleas Instantly:

1. Instant bath

Give your pet an instant bath with mildly warm water and a block of mild soap to make the skin and fur of the pet fleas free. Research has shown that most of the time, pets' skin becomes super sensitive because of dermatitis caused by fleas, so before using any shampoo on your pet, talk to a vet first. If your pet has an open wound or cuts on its skin, then the chemicals in the shampoo or the products you are using to get rid of fleas will make the wounds and the infestation even worse for your pets.

If you are sure that your pet will not have an adverse reaction to the bath and shampoo, do this step, but it is not mandatory to give a pet bath if you are not sure. You can skip this step.

2. Comb your pet’s hair

There are some combs available in the markets designed for pets suffering from flea infestation. You need to get that comb and brush their hair with it. The flea comb’s teeth are narrowly spaced to ensure that it traps the fleas while passing it through the pet hair. In addition to this, the flea combs also take out the flea poop. You need to be very careful while combing around the neck and tail area as these are the spots where fleas are viable to give eggs and feed on.

3. Kill fleas

The fleas usually are visible on the pets. They are the size of a poppy or a sesame seed and are of brown or reddish-brown color. If you find them on the flea comb after combing pet hair, dip the comb in hot soapy water. Do not try to kill the fleas directly as they jump very quickly and are therefore hard to kill by hand.

4. Give a weekly check to your pet

If your pet has suffered from flea infestation before, give them a weekly flea comb at least until you are sure that your pet, as well as your home, is free of fleas. Sometimes, the pet’s fur and skin are flea-free, but they reside on the furniture and carpets to quickly get into the pet’s body. So, after combing, clean your furniture and the pet's sitting spots.

5. Give Your Pet Time

Sometimes the pets have an abrupt reaction when they feel that they have gotten fleas. They start itching to clean themselves, so it is better to leave them for a few minutes. However, if your pets start biting or scratching themselves more with the furniture or walls, it can make them lose hair from certain parts of their body. If they get bloody airs, eyes, or inflamed spots on their body, it is necessary to contact your pet’s vet as soon as possible.

6. Try Some Home Remedies

  • You can also try some home remedies to kill fleas instantly. Some of them are:
  • Some of them are keeping a bowl of soapy water at the corner of your rooms or spots where the flea activities are highly noticed.
  • A herbal spray can be beneficial in preventing your pets from getting fleas. Along with this, the spray is made up of all non-hazardous natural products, so it is also safe to be used around kids playing with pets.
  • Rosemary as a natural herbal repellent spray not only lets you get rid of fleas tension but also helps in repelling them.
  • Also, try using some olive oil to reduce itching.


Does vinegar kill fleas on dogs?

Vinger doesn't have a killing effect on the fleas. Adding vinegar in the pet's drinking water or using it on the pet's fur will not make them get rid of the fleas.

Can I put baking soda on my dog for fleas?

Baking soda has no known effect on fleas.

Does Olive Oil kill fleas on dogs?

The constant itching and fleas disappeared as if by magic when you use olive oil on dogs.

Do pets get rid of fleas by fleas comb?

The flea comb’s teeth are narrowly spaced to ensure that it traps the fleas while passing it through the pet hair.


Both pets and the family need to get rid of the fleas instantly to avoid any health issues. Fleas can cause many serious health issues in both humans and animals, such as vomiting, dermatitis, itching, red and itchy eyes, and also loss of hair from the skin. To minimize many such problems, you need to try the ways mentioned above to immediately remove fleas.

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