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Flea Collar vs Drops

Flea Collar vs Drops

To minimize the risk of your pets and family getting fleas along with many serious diseases, use flea drops and flea collars.

Fleas are big torture for both pet and owner. Luckily, there are several kinds of flea prevention and treatments available for that. For owners and pets, both fleas are a constant tension all over the year. Likewise, the ectoparasite develops itself to escape the methods that are effective in its killing. But fortunately, new products and procedures are also produced.

In addition to this, many times, people's careless behavior around their pets causes the transmission of many diseases into them also. To minimize the risk of your pets and family getting fleas and many serious diseases, use flea drops and flea collars as instructed by veterinarians and specialists to avoid unfavourable conditions.

Flea Collar vs Drops

Flea Drops

flea and tick - fleas and ticks	- flea and tick collars

The liquid medication, also known as Spot on treatments, prevent fleas’ spread, and its development in pets is applied directly to the pet’s skin. Generally, the drops are applied between the shoulders, at the end of the neck, and on the whole back from the end of the neck to the tail. The product is stored in a vessel containing such agents that protect your pet for 30 days.

The flea drops function by killing fleas by coating a chemical layer into the sebaceous (oil) glands. The chemicals are released and translocated throughout the glands. Just after application, the chemicals travel through the skin quickly, creating an anti-flea reaction. The insecticide directly affects the parasite’s nervous system, causing it to lose the fleas’ ability on your pets.

Along with this, certain flea drops also have an insect growth regulator that helps control and prevent the eggs’ survival and development from reaching adulthood. IGRs in flea drops disturb the life cycle and avoid the cause of the new plague in your pets. These drops are very easy to use even if your pet gets bathed or gets wet in the rain.


  • Always purchase the drops that are specifically manufactured for your pet species.
  • Size your pet to ensure that you have bought the correct dose for his/her size.
  • Always read the instructions on the dose, apply the product as instructed to avoid any underdose or overdose reactions.
  • Avoid bathing your pet for 24hrs before and after the application of medications.

Flea Collars

flea and tick - fleas and ticks	- flea and tick collars

The best option for pets that are not suffering from any plague is flea collars. They are not suitable for pets that are already suffering but are highly effective in preventing the pets from fleas. Flea collars have great efficacy as compared to other medication methods. They last much longer for about 7 to 8 months and can be fitted on the pet’s neck along with the normal collar.

The function of a flea collar is to repel and treat. Some collars are only helpful in preventing them, but others can be both for rappelling and treating. The type of flea collar that repels fleas emits a gas that buzzes off fleas from biting. Another special type of collar is the one that contains medications. The medications are absorbed and translocated through the sebaceous gland in the pet’s skin. This type of collar results in killing fleas immediately before they can get a chance to bite the pet. Please read all the instructions given on the package carefully and ensure that it addresses the maximum of your concerns.


  • Always purchase that flea collar that is best for your pet species.
  • Measure the pet’s neck to make sure you get the best-suited collar for your pet.
  • Do not overuse or misuse the product, as it can cause adverse reactions to your pet.

Why Choose DEWELPRO Natural Flea Collar For Cats?

There are plenty of flea collars to choose from, but DEWELPRO is the only all-natural flea treatment. Here are a few of the many benefits you and your cat will enjoy with this product:

  • Costs only $20
  • One treatment lasts eight months
  • All natural ingredients
  • No harmful side effects
  • Repels mange and other pests as well as fleas and ticks
  • Fast-acting formula banishes fleas in 48 hours
  • Repels parasites before they bite
  • Contains no pesticides
  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Safe for pets, children and adults

Important Considerations

  • Before going for any medication from the above two, you need to consider the following factors.
  • Look for a pet’s choice if they don't feel comfortable or feel irritant to collars, so flea drop is the best choice.
  • Look for a budget-friendly method.
  • If you are looking to just preventing your pets from getting fleas, go for flea collars.
  • If you have a problem with remembering things and are likely to forget about a monthly spot-on treatment, then a flea collar is a better choice.


How long does it take for a flea collar to work?

It takes 24 hours for flea collar to work.

What's better, a flea collar or drops?

Good dog flea collars are useful and can last for quite a few months. If you are against using chemical drops or anything topical, then they are a good option.

Why is the flea treatment not working?

If you are experiencing flea medication problems or if the medication is not working, it may be due to the flea life cycle.

Do flea collars work?

Flea collars don't offer complete protection, especially when fleas move away from the collar.

How long can a flea live?

Fleas have a life cycle of 18 to 21 days.

Wrapping Up

Taking precautions and proper medications against fleas is very necessary for both you and your pet. Read the instructions and important considerations thoroughly to decide which one is best suited for your pets.

Please discuss with your vet about all types of treatments and medications and then choose one out of them. Along with this, take all precautions along with the treatments. Because fleas can be harmful to you as it is to your pets, we hope this information has addressed all your concerns about both flea collars and drops. Do share your feedback with us and keep visiting us.

Thank you!