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Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass

Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass

Have you ever seen a dog roll in the grass? Or take a sniff of its own poop. I know, why would they do that? Well, as it turns out there are many reasons why dogs love rolling around on the ground. In this blog post, we'll discuss why dogs roll and how to stop them from doing so if you don't like your lawn being ruined by canine excrement and urine.

1. Dogs roll in the grass because they are trying to get rid of their body odor

Dogs roll in the grass because they are trying to get rid of their body odor

Did you know that when dogs roll in the grass, they are actually trying to get rid of their body odor? They lick themselves clean and then rub all over the ground to get rid of any bacteria like fleas. It seems like a strange thing for them to do but it is really quite adorable! Dogs have such expressive faces that make taking care of them even more enjoyable.

Don't be fooled, this is actually a sign of insecurity. It's not something dogs do because they want to smell better - it's something that happens when you're stressed or feeling vulnerable. If your dog rolls around on its back and starts kicking its legs up and down, chances are he just wants some comfort from his humans- but don't forget to give him plenty of love and attention!

2. Some dogs will roll around on anything that smells like them, including other animals and humans

I'm sure you've seen your dog roll around on something that smells like them or their favorite toy. It's natural for them to do this, especially if it's just been cleaned and is still wet. This behavior actually has a name; "marking." Dogs use this as a way of marking territory and making other dogs know they are there. If your pup likes to do this in the house, it may be time to invest in some pet-friendly air freshener so you can give your home a good smell!

What's interesting about marking is that there doesn't even need to be another dog present for them to do it; sometimes they'll just roll around on themselves when they're excited or feeling full of energy. Scientists have found that dogs actually can't smell their own scent, so they'll think it smells like them! It turns out that for some dogs, anything that smells like them must be good enough to roll around on. In fact, I just noticed my dog rolling around in dirt right now... maybe she thinks it smells like her too!

3. Dogs also use rolling as a way to cool off when it's hot outside

Dogs also use rolling as a way to cool off when it's hot outside

Dogs also use rolling as a way to cool off when it's hot outside. It's not just humans that sweat in the heat, dogs can too! Rolling on the ground is a natural cooling mechanism for animals and they do this by sweating through their paws and then wiping away the moisture with their tongues. But you don't have to worry about your pup overheating because there are lots of ways for them to beat the summer heat!

4. Rolling is a natural instinct for some breeds such as terriers and hounds who were originally bred to hunt small prey

Dogs instinctively roll to mark their territory, relieve itching and get rid of mites. Rolling is a natural instinct for some breeds such as terriers and hounds. Rolling is actually a great way to help prevent injury and keep your pup happy! But when your dog rolls in something undesirable like feces or vomit, it's not so pleasant!

5. The smellier the dog, the more likely they are going to roll in something smelly or dirty 

Dogs love to roll in anything smelly, but they are more likely to do it if the smellier the dog is. Dogs will roll in smelly items to cover up their own scent with the smell of something else (such as urine). This is especially true for dogs who are afraid and trying to hide from an intruder. There is a lot of debate as to why this happens and while some people feel that dogs are trying to mask their natural scent, others think that it's just because they like how it smells. Whatever the reason may be, one thing we know for sure is that when your dog comes home smelling like an old gym sock you'll want them clean! Here's a few tips on how you can get them back into shape.

  1. Brush your dog's teeth 2-3 times per week
  2. Bathe them once a month with shampoo that is specially formulated for dogs
  3. Groom their fur regularly to remove dirt, debris, and loose hair from the coat
  4. Trim their nails every two weeks or as needed 
  5. Check paws periodically for any cuts or scrapes that might need medical attention
  6. Clip their ears regularly if they are floppy (or clean them weekly) to prevent ear infections and keep bacteria out of the ears

6. Rolling around can also be done to cover up any other smells that may linger from hunting prey

When your dog rolls around in the grass, it’s not just to cool off - they are also covering up any other smells that may linger from hunting prey. This is a natural instinct for dogs. Most people think their pup is trying to get all of the smell off themselves, but instead they are doing what comes naturally: camouflaging their scent! Our canine friends know instinctively that if you can't smell them, then they can't be found by predators like coyotes and foxes. So when you're out on a walk with your buddy and he stops dead in his tracks and starts sniffing around, don't worry - he's just looking for the perfect place to do his business while keeping himself hidden from sight!


Dogs roll in the grass to clean and cool themselves off. They also have a natural instinct to cover their scent from predators by rolling in substances that are unfamiliar or unpleasant to them, such as feces. By doing so, they remove any trace of an odor on their fur which could attract unwanted attention from other animals who might want to attack them. This is just one example of how dogs use smell for survival purposes. Dogs have a much more sensitive sense of smell than humans and can detect scents from low concentrations or at great distances. One study found that rolling in an area where there were no smells increased their ability to detect odors by up to six times! Rolling around on something like wet leaves will make it easier for them to pick up any scent they came across during their walk!. As you can see, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to why your dog rolls around outside!

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