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1 Cup of THIS Fizzy Juice Helped Me Slim Down “In Record Time”!!

1 Cup of THIS Fizzy Juice Helped Me Slim Down “In Record Time”!!

How I Reclaimed My FIGURE And Experienced The Endless Energy of my YOUTH…

1 Cup of THIS Fizzy Juice Helped Me Slim Down “In Record Time”!!

WARNING: I Recently Stumbled On A Powerful Fat-Busting Juice That I Simply Have To Share With You…


cientists from Cambridge University and the Faculty of Food Science and Technology recently confirmed that a strange weed commonly found in backyards across America eats through stubborn flab fast...

Why is This Juice is So Powerful?

It FLUSHES out a sinister acid that brand new research reveals is responsible for deadly white fat that’s clogging up your body and your arteries...

Once that acid is eliminated


It FIRES UP your body’s natural fat-burning mechanism like when you were a teenager…and incinerates fat from your belly, hips, butt and arms much easier and faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

I urge you to check this out before the weight loss companies shut it down.

Don’t Deny Your Destiny… It’s Your Turn To Have A Lean, Lithe, Toned Body!

To your good health,

Ruth J. McGee

How I Lost 3 Stones At 50 Years Old Without Diet or Exercise... and How You Can Too!

How I Lost 3 Stones At 50 Years Old Without Diet or Exercise... and How You Can Too!

If you STILL struggle with the SCLAE… This story can give you hope …

How I Lost 3 Stones At 50 Years Old Without Diet or Exercise... and How You Can Too! 


SEPTEMBER 29th ,2022



ineteen months ago, when I announced to my family that I was, (no not pregnant!), finally ‘losing it’, they laughed and pointed out that I had in fact ‘lost it’ years ago, somewhere between baby number four and the onset of perimenopause (rude!).

“I’m serious guys, I’m sick of struggling with my weight, I need to shift it once and for all.” 

They looked on with boredom – this was something they had heard SO many times over recent years, that it just wasn’t worth the expended calories to even glance up and engage with me.

Quietly Motivated For Midlife Weight Loss...

So I decided to take matters quietly into my own hands and do something about it without the big announcement, which had fallen on deaf ears anyway.

But where to start?

I’ve always struggled with my weight; I’m embarrassed to admit that comfort eating was my ‘go-to ‘coping mechanism for dealing with life's ups and downs.

Triggered by low self esteem after being bullied at primary school, which was compounded further by a traumatic loss in my early 20s, my eating habits throughout my childhood and young adult life, were not something to be proud of.

With each baby I just gained more and more weight and once I hit Perimenopause, followed by a hysterectomy, my weight gain was out of control and for the next decade I just didn’t really seem to be able to do anything about it or care even.

But with me turning 50 and the year turning 2020, something felt different and I was determined to prove to my family and, more importantly prove to myself, that I was taking this seriously.

Finding The Right Approach For Me...

A friend had suggested I try Slimming World, but I hated slimming clubs and the thought of having to sit in a hall with a group of women I didn’t know, their eyes boring into the back of my head as I approached the scales, just didn’t sit well with me.

Now I’m not knocking slimming clubs (I know many women who swear by them), but I needed a more anonymous approach.

Luckily my friend told me there was a Slimming World app, so I signed up for a 3 month subscription and downloaded it onto my phone.

In the past, the only way I have ever managed to be successful with my weight loss has been to incorporate a regular fitness routine to run alongside it (‘it’ would run alongside it, I should add, not me – I don’t do running!).

However, I’m one of those girls that hates, and fares badly, exercising on my own. This is mainly because I can always manage to talk myself out of it, so I needed to recruit a couple of unsuspecting victims who would have my back and not take no for an answer!

So victims number 1 & 2 (aka a couple of my lovely friends) and I, found a local health club for us all to join, and we merrily signed up for 3-4 classes a week.

These ranged from Body Conditioning, Pilates, Legs, Bums & Tums & Cardio Burst (not for me that one, except for the teacher – wow talk about eye candy for us midlife ladies – sorry if that’s a cliché and not very PC, but it's true!).

So from January through to lockdown in March Slimming World suited me well as I could track everything on the app and I was allowed to eat carbs and fruit all day long and a few other treats too– so what’s not to love?  

And slowly the weight started to drop off at a steady rate of 1lb a week.

Then The Pandemic Arrived...

That was until our lives were all abruptly brought to a halt with a little thing called a pandemic, and sadly my merry routine was halted with it.

Being a creature of habit, I felt anxious knowing that I would no longer be able to attend these classes in person and feared my successes to date would all have been thrown away.

So I told myself I had two options, either I follow the rest of the world, hibernate and just go back to comfort eating to deal with the new reality or…….. just maybe I could come out, like a hedgehog in spring, a new slimmer, fitter version of me and not throw away everything I had worked so hard on Pre-Covid.

Settling on the latter, I now had the task of finding an online fitness routine that would resemble what I had been doing at our leisure centre. 

I trawled the internet and tried various things but most of them were led by young nubile 20 somethings shouting at me to ‘hit the floor and give them 10’ with exceptionally loud music pumping in the background - Sorry, but as a mum of four in lockdown, I didn’t need to start my day with yet more blaring music and people shouting in my ear.

I Could Feel My body Becoming Weak After
Trying So Many Things...

My body was getting very tired and sore...

I couldn't breathe well after climbing the stairs in my own home.

I was scared. I realized if I didn't change something soon, I'd be stuck on this path for the rest of my life.

I felt sorry for myself I wasn't progressing as fast as everyone else.

The worst part was seeing friends and family members updating their daily status on Facebook.

Every week, it seemed like I was seeing them get thinner, healthier, and more confident in their social media updates, while I was not changing

Finally, I sent a private message to an old college classmate, Monica. We'd been in touch on and off throughout the years, and she'd

always been sweet and helpful.

She also had two kids!! So when she put an updated image of herself dropping from 220 pounds to 190 pounds then to 140 pounds, I knew she was onto something

I was hoping she would give me the whole story behind her change, and would direct me on the same path of her success

She replied quickly, telling me about "the combo hack" she had been doing for only a few months earlier.

When she told me what she's been doing I confess I was a little unsure in the beginning… Monica has been able to achieve her dream body following “the combo hack at home without having to change a single thing to do with her diet, exercise, or lifestyle which seems absolutely ridiculous.

Even Though I Had My Doubts, I Had My Own Struggles Too With The Scale So I Figured Why Not Give It a Shot??!

Well about a 12 weeks have gone by since I started and WOW… what an eye opener....My scale, my hubby AND my sweet-tooth are all quite happy these days. But more importantly, I like myself in the mirror again.)

Now I feel more confident, energetic, and healthy whenever I use it - and I never have to feel guilty about enjoying cakes and chocolates ever again

This “combo hack" was remarkable, because it FORCES your metabolism to an OVERDRIVE MODE!

I know this because I've tried it and it WORKS!

MY friends are asking ME what I’M doing differently, my colleagues, even complete strangers would compliment me left and right! That high praise FED ME. It satisfied me more than pizza, chocolate, or cheesecake (love cheesecake!🤩)

And the best part is...You too can STEAL this ritual today—It works wonders.

However...The Stakes Are Higher Than You Think...

Now, because I’ve already watched my unwanted pounds virtually melt away, I am beyond confident that the tip I’ll share today will give you new hope and spectacular success when it comes to fatburning…

…and that by taking action, you can realize many of your goals

However, just know this: there are serious consequences for not taking action. Besides continuing on in the rut that you’re in….

…. you may find yourself gaining even more weight every passing year and losing all the motivation to continue.

Now that’s the worst case scenario, but I’ve seen it happen more than I care to remember. And since neither of us want that to happen to you, let’s get you moving in the right direction….

My Life After Applying "The Combo Hack"...

So I’m pleased to report that, although 2020 has been a really awful year for us all to date, somehow I have been able to take something positive from it, by losing 3 stone to date, getting much fitter and am now living the healthiest life I have lived in more than a decade.

“ If I can do it you most definitely can too.So believe me when I say: there’s a lot of hope for you...”

I truly believe that by following my advice, you can regain lost energy and youthful zest and see stubborn fat vanish from the thigh and buttocks area.

I can say that with quite a bit of confidence, because thousands of men and women just like you are losing 5 or more pounds the first week and regaining lost energy and youthful zest.

First, make sure you RUN From These 3 Common Lies And Myths:

#1 You Need To Diet To Lose Weight

Diets won’t help you lose weight.. It’s true. Tons of science backs this up.

According to studies, one third to two thirds of dieters regain more weight than they lost while dieting. This explains the yo-yo dieting cycle of losing weight, regaining it and then trying yet another new diet.

Diets usually don’t work because the changes made while following them aren’t sustainable.

They can also increase the chances of developing disordered eating habits like anorexia and bulimia and cause low self esteem and altered body image.

Studies have also found that restricting calories increases cortisol, a stress hormone that is linked with weight gain. Researchers also found that monitoring calories, such as keeping a food journal, increased perceived stress among the study participants.

Stress can make you gain weight, so dieting can actually have the opposite effect of what you want.

So if diets and restricting yourself don’t work, what does? The answer might be chocolate cake.

#2 YOU must AVOID Sugar & Carbs

Deprivation can keep you from losing weight.

If you say no to everything you enjoy, be that a glass of wine, chocolate cake, or a slice of pizza, you will likely end up frustrated and end up eating those things later when you tell yourself something is off limits, you’re more likely to feel guilty and binge on those foods, which can further fuel yo-yo dieting and binge eating behaviors.

A study of 68 women found that those who tend to restrict their intake are more likely to over-eat later compared to those who don’t overly-restrict themselves.

The researchers concluded that restriction can backfire and lead to less controlled eating behaviors.

Another study shows that your brain becomes more attentive to pictures of food during caloric deprivation.

The study results suggest that caloric deprivation “ increases reward and attention region response to food”, which can increase the risk of binge eating. In simpler terms, cutting back on calories can make you more fixated on food.

#3 NO Coffee!!

According to a study, four cups of coffee a day might have metabolism-boosting benefits.

The study followed 126 overweight adults over 24 weeks who were either given four cups of regular coffee or four cups of a coffee-like placebo beverage.

Those who drank coffee every day ended up reducing about 4% of their body fat. If you use this strategy, just remember to opt for lower sugar options, since flavored coffees quickly add up in sugar and empty calories.


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Every time I speak to Monica, I thank her for being honest and sharing the truth with me. She had the option of keeping this to herself

But she didn't.

So now it feels like the only thing left to do is SHARE what I've learned with others!

Please make sure to take a look at both of the combos that gave me my life back. It's the same information Monica presented to me, PROMISE it's worth the extra few minutes to watch it.

A Special Time In History...

We truly live in remarkable times.

The secrets and tactics found within The “combo hack” may have its roots in dieter role models from generations ago, it was only recently that these strategies were made available to the world.

I Literally enjoy what I see in the mirror every day and I stay as active as I want to (pretty much just slow walks...)

And I'd like to encourage others to join me, because it's SO MUCH EASIER than we have tried in the past.

When someone does a nice deed for me, I've always believed in "paying it forward."

So, in honor of my friend Monica I'm paying it forward.

I've Done All The Hard Work For You

What You Need To Do is ACT. That's The ONE thing I Cannot Do For You...

I wish I could, but only you have that right.

And it is a right. Your right to choose.

Your right to look at your loved ones in the eye tonight and say, "I did something truly great today.

"Something that will benefit us all."

"Something I believe in."

And right now, that choice is sitting in your lap.

However, if you fail to act? You may never realize your dreams, continue on the path you're on now, or perhaps even worse:

You could waste far more money and time than this split-second "Yes" decision today will cost you, and I'm afraid to say:

You May Live To Regret That And I Truly Desire So Much More For You Than That...

Don’t Deny Your Destiny. It’s Your Turn To Have a “Wasp-like” Waist, A New Glow, Soaring Energy and a Sassy Confidence...

Will you take the action right now that is the only decision possible if you want to change the course of your fat-burning destiny?

Say yes, and let me prove this combo WORKS:

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Today marks your turning point, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Paying it forward

Ruth J. McGee