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Flea Collar vs Drops

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Flea Collar vs Drops
Flea Drops


  • Always purchase the drops that are specifically manufactured for your pet species.
  • Size your pet to ensure that you have bought the correct dose for his/her size.
  • Always read the instructions on the dose, apply the product as instructed to avoid any underdose or overdose reactions.
  • Avoid bathing your pet for 24hrs before and after the application of medications.
    Flea Collars


    • Always purchase that flea collar that is best for your pet species.
    • Measure the pet’s neck to make sure you get the best-suited collar for your pet.
    • Do not overuse or misuse the product, as it can cause adverse reactions to your pet.

      Why Choose DEWEL PRO Natural Flea Collar For Cats?

      • Costs only $20
      • One treatment lasts eight months
      • All natural ingredients
      • No harmful side effects
      • Repels mange and other pests as well as fleas and ticks
      • Fast-acting formula banishes fleas in 48 hours
      • Repels parasites before they bite
      • Contains no pesticides
      • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
      • Safe for pets, children and adults

        Important Considerations

        • Before going for any medication from the above two, you need to consider the following factors.
        • Look for a pet’s choice if they don't feel comfortable or feel irritant to collars, so flea drop is the best choice.
        • Look for a budget-friendly method.
        • If you are looking to just preventing your pets from getting fleas, go for flea collars.
        • If you have a problem with remembering things and are likely to forget about a monthly spot-on treatment, then a flea collar is a better choice.

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