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Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Fleas?

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Fleas?

Did you know that tea tree oil is a great natural flea deterrent and treatment for your pet dog? It is also safe for humans to use.

When most people think of repellents they think of the type that repels mosquitoes, flies and other little insects like ticks. While these products do work to keep these insects away, they can cause health problems if used in excessive amounts.

So, what is the best way to repel these pests? Many pet owners have found that the best natural flea deterrents are plant derivatives. They contain potent chemicals that cannot be tolerated by our pets.

These chemicals were developed years ago to kill fleas in animal lab experiments. Some of these toxins are still in use today.

For years, pet owners have tried to treat their dogs and cats with synthetic chemicals but they have not been very effective.

So, some researchers from the University of Minnesota conducted an experiment on animals which showed that the natural teas tree oil was as effective at repelling mosquitoes and other small insects as the synthetic chemicals.

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is made out of the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia Tree. The Melaleuca Alternifolia Tree is native to Australia but it has now spread all over the world. It has a lot of essential oil which is the main ingredient of tea tree oil.

 According to some dog experts and veterinarians, tea tree oil can be dangerous for dogs especially when its absorbed or ingested through the skin 

Moreover, it is also suspected that having tea tree oil for dogs can also lead to liver damage, if it is not properly administered.

Melaleuca oil is used in making soap because of its many antifungal properties. There are many soap makers who have started using it in producing dog soap because of its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

It is very helpful in treating skin conditions such as eczema and severe bacterial skin infections.

But it is most useful in treating bacterial skin infections and ringworms in humans. These infections usually affect people who have weak immune systems.

Tea tree oil helps in treating these conditions because it contains terpenoids which are known for having anti-microbial properties. These properties make it very effective in killing microorganisms and thereby preventing the infection from recurring. Moreover, it is effective in relieving the symptoms such as itching and inflammation.

How Does Tea Tree Oil Work? 

How Does Tea Tree Oil Work?

Tea Tree Oil kills fleas by changing their chemistry so that they don't become blood sucking vampires. The reason for this is that terpenes in tea tree oil interact with the bacteria in your pet's skin.

Like many of the natural treatments for fleas, it kills the flea's heart and causes the fleas to drop dead. It is toxic to fleas so it must be used carefully.

You should never let your dog come in contact with antifreeze or any product containing antifreeze

If you do find antifreeze on the floor or in the carpet of your house, dispose of it immediately and call your veterinarian to advise of any further exposure.

The bacteria feed on the dead skin cells and then stick to your pet's skin. You have probably used products that contain harsh chemicals that strip the skin off of your pets so it is important that you only use natural products that won't strip your pet's natural oils.

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Fleas?

For many years, many people have tried using Tea Tree Oil for the treatment of flea infestations. However, there are some concerns that should be addressed before you use this product.

Tea Tree Oil is very potent, so it will take several applications before any benefits are felt. Also, because of its potency, it can be potentially dangerous when used incorrectly.

The essential oils of Tea Tree Oil are powerful antiseptics, which are great at getting rid of bacteria and viruses. Because of this, they have been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments and conditions.

Many people believe that Tea Tree Oil kills fleas because it has natural antiseptic properties. When applied to the skin, the oil sloughs off dead skin cells, revealing healthier skin underneath. If you have an insect bite, apply some Tea Tree Oil to the bite site immediately - these antiseptics will help alleviate your pain, as well as killing the bacteria that caused the bite in the first place.

It is true that Tea Tree Oil kills fleas; however, caution should be used when applying this product to small children, pregnant women, or those with sensitive skin.

Do not let your child use a dilute concentration of this essential oil, as it could cause severe rashes. The oil can also be diluted with carrier oil and applied to the affected area on your pet. Although, many pet owners have success with this home remedies for fleas, it is always best to consult a veterinarian before trying anything new for your pet.

One of the best things that you can do for your pets, both for elimination of fleas, as well as to help prevent them from coming back, is to make sure that you purchase quality insecticides.

While tea tree oil can help repel insects, insecticides are designed to kill them. It is best to use an insecticide that is designed to kill fleas and ticks, as well as other pests.

To eliminate the problem of fleas and ticks on your pet, and keep them away for good, you will want to invest in an excellent flea and tick control treatment.

This includes not only a monthly program to spray the outdoor areas of your house (but also your pet's sleeping areas) with the pesticide.

There are other treatments that use both pesticides and natural home remedies. These natural alternatives will work much better for your pets and your family.

In addition to finding the right products to kill fleas and ticks, it is also important to make sure that you provide your pets with regular baths and grooming to keep your pet's coat and skin healthy.

The fact is that tea tree oil is an effective and safe way to keep your family and pets free of fleas and ticks.

However, you need to find the right insecticides for your needs, as there are many types of chemicals that will not work as well as using just tea tree oil.

Look for those that are made from all natural ingredients that will work with your pet, and be safe for you as well.

You can choose from sprays and powders, or if you prefer you can try the herbal alternative of hydrospray to eliminate these pests once and for all.

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe for Pets?

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe for Pets? The simple answer to that is YES, but here show why it's not safe at all for Dogs or cats. Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca), is a very popular essential oil made from the Australian tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia.

Tea Tree Oil is known for its powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties, which may be responsible for the antiseptic properties it has been credited with healing skin conditions such as warts, ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch, salmonella poisoning, urinary tract infection, bacterial vaginosis, skin infections, eczema, and even flatulence.

It is also reported that Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil can be helpful in treating some forms of cancer. 

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe For Cats or Dogs?

Before using it on your dog or cat please do research as there are many conflicting statements out there.

Some sources claim that Tea Tree Oil is safe, but others claim that it can cause skin irritation, hair loss, itching, headaches, liver problems, respiratory problems and ulcers.

Other claims are that it can be toxic if given in high dosages, especially if the pet has a history of allergic reaction to citrus chemicals.

It is also said that Tea Tree Oil can create a safe environment for pets by neutralizing the potentially harmful bacteria that exist in unfiltered water.

So, is Tea Tree Oil safe? Well, the short answer is yes. Yes, you can use tea tree oil on your pets, as long as you don't give them a huge dose.

However, it is recommended that you dilute the oil into a solution and apply this solution to your dog or cat's bath once a week. It is also recommended that you use pure tea tree oil and not the diluted form. 

But how much? If you look online you will see a number of different opinions about dosage. There are those who claim that there is no limit. Others say one drop per pound of body weight is the safest.

Still others maintain that it is never safe to use a drop of oil on dogs or cats. So, which is right? 

The truth is that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to using tea tree oil on dogs or cats.

The best way to decide is to start by researching the properties of the oil you are considering using and determine if those properties are compatible with your dog or cat. In addition, you should take into account your own personal judgement and common sense.

Only you and your veterinarian can determine what is safe for your particular pet. 

Tea tree oil has been used successfully for years by veterinary surgeons. It has provided them with relief from cuts, scrapes, burns and wounds. But does it work for humans? In general, yes.

However, as with all natural substances, you should proceed with caution. When in doubt, consult your vet.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil Safety To Kill Fleas?

How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Kill Fleas?

Here are a few home remedies that will help you keep your pets and home healthy:

The first way you can use tea tree oil to repel fleas is by mixing it with lavender essential oils. This combination can be sprayed on carpets, rugs and floors to keep these insects away. Just make sure you dilute the oil before applying to surfaces. Tea tree essential oils are very strong so you will want to apply the mixture sparingly.

Another remedy that will kill fleas is using tea tree oil and essential oils. You mix up a spray bottle which you will spray directly onto the area where you think the fleas may be living such as bedding.

You can also try insecticidal soap or even an insecticidal shampoo that is specially designed to kill fleas and other pests. These methods will work well if you want to rid your home of the most common flea bite offender but sometimes even these methods fail 

A better way to get rid of fleas from your pets is to use flea dips that contain tea tree oil in them. You would use these dips whenever you bathe your dog to ensure that they are being cleaned thoroughly and you are killing all of the fleas on their bodies.

These dips are safe to use around your children and cats. You should only use these dips when you feel that the infestation of fleas in your home has become too bad. It is often the case that the best way to get rid of fleas is to prevent them from occurring in the first place so using natural remedies to eliminate any existing problem will always be better for your home than using chemical based products that can harm your pets.

In addition to killing fleas using tea tree oil there are also a couple of other products on the market that also contain this powerful oil.

One of these products is a head lice comb that you would use to kill any lice that are on your dogs or cats head. If you are wondering about the effectiveness of these head lice combs when it comes to actually killing the lice that have taken up residence on your pets then you should consider the fact that it is also safe to use. This comb does not use any chemicals so it is completely safe to use in your home.


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