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8 Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

8 Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

Here are the eight best flea treatments for dogs based on pet-friendliness, ease of application, cost-efficiency, and performance ratings.

Finding your pet scratching itself is the worst nightmare a pet owner could have. This possibly means the attack of fleas on your poor pet as well as the risk of infectious outbreaks around your home. There are various flea treatments for dogs and other animals that you can adopt to relieve yourself from potential threats. Such methods include purchasing specialized flea-killing products such as cat flea collars and flea combs.

Apart from this, various home remedies are also recommended in this regard including lemon bath, aromatherapy, essential oil spray, use of salt and baking powder mixture, rosemary herb, and above all nematodes. Thus, this article encapsulates the eight best flea treatments for dogs based on their pet-friendliness, ease of application, cost-efficiency, and performance ratings.

8 Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

1. Flea Collar For Dogs

Flea collar for dogs

Dog flea collars are one of the efficient techniques that can be adopted to relieve your pet from fleas and ticks. These tools are integrated with active ingredients that possess the ability to kill or repel fleas from animal hair. Previously the fleas collars were characterized by the release of strong odor-producing chemicals that were effective in getting rid of fleas.

Modern units are better than their predecessors and can spread the chemicals towards the whole animal body. Thereby preventing the fleas from reproducing and killing them in the process. Moreover, these ingredients have the ability to move from the area of higher concentration to the area of lower concentration. Hence spreading over the whole body after some time.

There are different types of collars depending on their tendency to kill the target species. Some collars are specialized in removing adult fleas, while others are capable of the younger ones as well. Similarly, some substances are strong and can effortlessly kill fleas. However, some collars might only repel them without eliminating them completely.

Dog flea collars are effective against cats, dogs, and other living organisms that might come in contact with these organisms, such as human beings. Furthermore, the collars feature an adjustable belt that can be used to modify the fitness. Custom-fit can also be designed depending on the requirement and is a hassle-free procedure for most owners.

It is recommended to tightly and properly tie the collars around your neck for better results. Owners should regularly monitor the fitness of their collars, especially on growing pets. In addition to this, it is mostly advised to look for apparatus that is user-friendly, economical and cost-effective, and durable. The collar should be constructed using high-quality materials that are not prone to damage and can last for longer than their other industrial counterparts.

Lavender Oil Flea Collar - Home Remedy

Lavender Oil Flea Collar - Home Remedy

Apart from the flea collars available in the market, you can also use homemade flea collars. They can be created using essential oils and other strong chemicals that can be commonly found at home. Examples of such products include Lavender oil flea collars.

It can be prepared by purchasing a common flea collar and using a mixture of water and lavender oil. The mixture can be formed by mixing a few drops of oil in water and spraying it over the collar. Then, tie the collar around your pet's neck, and you are good to go.

Vodka flea Collar

Apart from lavender oil, you can also choose other strong chemical substances such as vodka to repel these dangerous organisms. In order to design a vodka collar use a teaspoon of vodka to soak a common dog collar. Leave it in a dry place to dry, and then tie it around your pet's neck. If you want to enhance the scent further, use a few drops of essential oil for enhanced fragrance.

2. Sprays

Essential Oils Flea Spray

Essential Oils Flea Spray

Apart from flea collars, you can also use flea spray around your home to eliminate these harmful pests. The essential oils that can be used in this regard include lavender oil, peppermint, rosemary, citronella, tea tree, and eucalyptus. These ingredients are highly efficient in removing fleas and ticks around your home, especially eucalyptus, which is known for its strong odor and healing properties.

For preparing the spray using the oils derived from the above-mentioned plant species, it is recommended to mix a few drops of these oils in 400 ml of water. Stir and shake them well before spraying on the infested areas. Remember to dilute the oil well in water as some oils are harmful to animals in concentrated form. Once a proper ratio is achieved, spray around the home for an exceptional outcome.

However, let the spray adjust overnight and spread throughout the house before you begin noticing results. Most sprays can efficiently eliminate fleas and ticks by repelling them. Others can also kill them in the earlier stage if the odor is powerful. Therefore, such homemade techniques are beneficial and are budget-friendly as well.

Aroma-therapy Spray

Aroma-therapy Spray

Next on the list is the aromatherapy spray. This is not only a good pesticide repellent but also can help calm down your pet by releasing nerve-calming chemicals. It is similar to aroma-therapy that has soothing effects on one's mind. Similarly, the use of aromatherapy spray eliminates future troubles as well by completely killing fleas and preventing their reproduction in the long term.

For producing these substances, it is advised to use a few drops of Atlas cedar oil, common myrrh oil, eucalyptus oil, bay laurel oil, and lavender oil and mix them in the almond oil, which can act as the base oil. Stir them well and spray them around the infected areas for extraordinary results. Keep repeating the process for 3 to four days till the effects of the spray begin to appear.

Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

Use of salt and apple cider vinegar spray is another effective approach to get rid of fleas around your dogs. It is the best flea treatment for dogs and is performance as well as cost-efficient. It can work by adjusting the pH levels on your pet's skin and hair. It is a natural technique and is not associated with any harm. Thus, you can use it without worrying about the health of your dog.

This spray can create an environment that is unfavorable for fleas and can inhibit their growth to a great extent. The spray can be created by diluting some sea salt in six cups of apple cider vinegar and four cups of water. After you have successfully diluted the ingredients, shake them well. Afterward, spray it directly on your dog.

Repeat the process regularly for 3 to 4 days for better results. It is advised to prevent the spray from entering the dog’s eyes as it might lead to irritation or other negative consequences. In case of any mishap, rinse thoroughly with cold water and immediately consult a veterinarian.

3. Bath

Lather Bath

Lather Bath

A lather bath is yet another cost-effective and performance-oriented means of eliminating fleas from your house completely. It is capable of killing these organisms by producing a thick lather. The lather can be produced using any pet-friendly shampoo available from any grocery store near you. These shampoos contain strong chemicals that are effective in removing fleas without damaging the animal itself.

In addition to this, it is best to select organic shampoos that contain little or no chemicals for enhanced safety and animal protection. During the application, use shampoo to prepare lather on the pet's body and leave it for a few minutes. This will kill all the fleas that are already present in your pet's hair. Furthermore, it is effective against adult fleas, and you might have to adopt various other techniques to repel younger ones.

The recommended natural shampoo in this regard includes TropiClean Maximum Strength Natural Flea and Tick Dog Shampoo. This product is manufactured using natural ingredients and is safe for a wide majority of pets. Similarly, it can be used in combination with other flea repelling techniques for an extraordinary outcome.

Apart from this, in order to relieve the dogs from itching, TropiClean Neem and Citrus Itch Relief Flea and Tick Dog shampoo can be used. This item is integrated with neem, which possesses healing properties and can calm down your pet by relieving the itch on its skin. Thus, such products are highly recommended for daily use.

Lemon Bath

Lemon Bath

Apart from a lather bath, a lemon bath can also be used for this purpose. Lemon is a natural ingredient that is filled with vitamin C and citric acid. Both these components perform exceptionally well against fleas and ticks. Along with this, the lemons can be easily found in your home or in the nearest vegetable market. Thus, it is a budget-friendly approach and can be used by anyone without harming the pet.

For implementing the technique, extract half a cup of lemon juice from freshly squeezed lemons. Afterward, dilute the juice in two cups of water. After stirring them together, include some amount of shampoo and use the solution on your dog. It will not only eliminate potential fleas but will leave a fresh fragrance behind for enhanced comfort. Thus, this method is highly recommended for pet owners that want pet-friendly and cost-effective means of eradicating fleas and ticks around the home.

4. Lemon and Flea Comb

As mentioned earlier, lemon displays unrivaled performance in eliminating fleas and eradicating future trouble for pet owners. Another advantage of the substance is its harmless nature for pets as well as human beings. Thus, it can be used without worrying about damaging the dog's health. For this purpose, you can squeeze a few lemons and extract the juice into a separate pot.

Then, take a normal comb that you use to comb your dog's hair and dip it in the freshly extracted juice. Soak it for some time and then use it for combing the pet's hair. It will kill all the existing parasites inside their hair. Likewise, if your pet has smaller hair, you can perform the task by using a clean cloth soaked in lemon juice.

Aside from lemon, there are specialized flea combs also available in the market that are specifically designed to treat the flea problem. The comb is not integrated with harmful chemicals and is completely safe for use. It is not only effective in killing adult species but can also be effectively used to destroy flea eggs as well. Hence, removing future troubles for you and your pet and keeping your home safe from parasitic diseases.

5. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth refers to diatoms which is a well-known class of algae in their fossilized form. These diatoms, when they die, are broken down into fine powder-like substances after several years. The powdered diatoms are rich in silica content and can be used to get rid of harmful fleas present around your house.

The compound is characterized by its ability to destroy the exoskeletons of fleas and eventually eliminating them in the process. The chemical compound can be scattered in the infected areas, such as under the carpets and behind furniture. After you have successfully spread the material across your home, let it sit for around 2 to 3 days, followed by properly vacuuming the area.

This will lead to capturing of all the parasites. However, do keep in mind to empty the contents of the canister in a wide-open area to prevent the spread of the harmful organisms in other areas of your home. Another important point that should not be neglected is that there are two different forms of diatomaceous earth.

They include pool-based diatomaceous earth and food-grade compound. You are required to use the latter because of its non-toxic nature to animals and humans alike alongside low crystalline silica content. Thus, making it a safer option for the majority of the users. Hence, this approach is ideal for those that are looking for the best flea treatment for dogs.

6. Rosemary


Previously rosemary oil was presented as one of the active ingredients in aromatherapy for flea treatment. In this step, the focus is rather shifted towards the rosemary herb itself. The rosemary is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants and has great health benefits. The herb is renowned for its abilities to boost the immune system and for its healing properties. However, most people are unaware that it can be used to kill fleas as well.

The pine-like needles of the rosemary plant can be added inside the boiling water. After the water has boiled completely, strain and dilute it, let it cool for some time. After it reaches a normal temperature which is safe for your dog, use the water to clean it. However, you should first confirm if the dog is comfortable with the smell of rosemary.

The reason for this is the strong smell of the compound which might be irritating for some pets. This is especially useful if you are using dried rosemary powder instead of needles. The rosemary powder can be derived from dried rosemary, wormwood, and fennel. This mixture can also be used for killing fleas around other areas of the house as well. Just sprinkle it where required and vacuum after two days for efficient results.

7. Baking Soda and Salt

Baking Soda and Salt

Baking soda is similar in function to its fossilized diatoms counterparts. They work by destroying the exoskeleton of fleas. Thereby dehydrating it and killing it in the process. The method is not only effective against large parasites but can also successfully remove fleas eggs. To practically implement the solution, you can sprinkle the mixture of baking soda and salt in appropriate ratios around your home in infested areas.

They include the areas under the carpets and behind the furniture. Let the mixture settle for a day or more, and then thoroughly vacuum around the house. Afterward, empty the contents of the canister in a wide-open area to prevent the outbreak of flea infections in other areas of your home.

Remember to properly clean the vacuum cleaner after vacuuming as leftover salt might lead to rusting eventually affecting its performance in the long term. This method is a cost-efficient alternative to many other high-priced products available in the market and has good performance ratings. Hence, it is highly recommended for those looking for affordable means of getting rid of fleas.

8. Nematodes


Nematodes are useful for pests in gardens and other outdoor areas where your pet visits on a regular basis. Those hidden pests always pose a threat to your health, and thus, in order to eliminate them, nematodes perform exceptionally well. As those of you who might be wondering what nematodes actually are? These are microscopic worms like organisms that are commonly found in soil.

Some of the nematodes are environment friendly and can be used to eliminate harmful pests from the environment, such as termites, ticks, and fleas. Nematodes eradicate fleas by eating them and hence reducing their population in the longer term. These organisms are in predator-prey relation with each other, where flies are the prey.

Hence, next time you suspect a fleas infestation in your home, especially in the garden area, purchase fresh nematodes to help you with the treatment of harmful parasites. Most nematodes purchased from the market are user-friendly and can be used as directed on packages. You are only required to add some amount of water with these soil inhabitants.

After the solution has been prepared, spray it around the areas where the parasitic activity is higher, and the rest will be carried out by these predators. However, make sure to use the freshly purchased organism since they are alive and might die if favorable living conditions prevail for a long time. These organisms are beneficial in grades, lawns, and around plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do veterinarians recommend for fleas?

Most the veterinarians recommend flea repelling medicines that work wonders against dangerous pests. These pills are considered one of the best measures that can be taken to relieve the symptoms of flea activity near your pet. If the issue worsens, you can also use strong pills like Capstar to kill the fleas. Apart from this, you can also adopt various home remedies in this regard for efficient outcomes.

Which flea and ticks medicine is killing dogs?

Seresto is known as a harmful flea-killing medicine around the world. This is because aside from destroying the pests, the medicine is harmful to pet health as well and has been reported to cause the death of hundreds of pets. Aside from this, its adverse effects have been identified in uncountable animals and humans as well as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America.

What do fleas hate?

Fleas are renowned for their poor abilities in withstanding strong odors and, thus, can be repelled by using compounds that produce extremely strong smells. There are various naturally occurring plants that have strong scents and can be used as an effective shield against flea attacks.

They include lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, citronella, clove, and peppermint. You can plant them around your house to prevent the flea outbreak. In addition to this, cedar beds have also been designed for dogs in recent years and are famous because of their pests repelling properties.

Wrapping Up

There are a wide variety of methods that can be adopted to eradicate fleas from your pet and around your home. Some highly efficient techniques are capable of killing not only the adult fleas but also their eggs. Hence, eliminating future concerns.

While other mild methods are also available, they can be used to repel these organisms instead of completely destroying them. No matter whichever method you might choose, it is important to consider its effects on your pets and humans as well. Based on the above-mentioned approaches, the following are my most recommended.

  • Pet Flea Collars like this one because of their abilities to generate active ingredients that can kill adult and young fleas, customized fitting, and user-friendliness.
  • Essential Oil Flea Spray due to its nerve-calming fragrance, healing properties, cost-effectiveness, and effortless application.
  • Lather Bath for its organic nature that is free of chemicals, budget-friendliness, and enhanced cleaning efficiency.

Thus, they are highly recommended for those tired of flea infestation and searching for the best flea treatment for dogs.


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